25 Apr

Anil Kapoor : Sonam is blessed with talent !!!!

sonam kapoor and anil kapoor

Anil Kapoor believes that people in Bollywood are jealous of his daughter Sonam Kapoor and that people are expecting more from here as she is his daughter

“I feel Sonam has had a fantastic journey. She did lot of hard work. It is a different kind of struggle that they have to do. Even if they do something good, people still expect more from them. There is certain expectation from her as she is a kid of a celebrity,”, he said

Although Sonam`s has only had limited success with her film career, she is always talked about, especially articles written about her fashion sense.

“When she did `Sawariya` and `Delhi 6` people started saying she should wear fashionable clothes, she is doing Behenji type of roles. She does not have that thing. So when she did `Aisha` they were like… Do that kind (de-glamorized type) of a film. She has proved herself, from `Sawariya` till now,” Kapoor said.

She has done de-glamorised roles in films like `Mausam`, and others but people forget that and talk about her fashion. So this (fashion) is also an art, you don`t have to look down upon it. It is a big business and there is more money in it than films,” he said.

“It is an art. The way she chooses colours or pattern, there is a certain art in that, she has that sense inherently and that either you have it or not have it. She is blessed with that talent, where she has great aesthetic sense, her grace, her beauty, the kind of way she presents herself,” Kapoor said.

“Internationally also, when I go there, director and producer see her, they are shocked and they find her like an international personality. She has an aura about her, when she walks in. She inherited it from her mother,” he said.

We think that Anil does not know his daughter has a stylist !!!!!!!!

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