09 Apr

Neetu Chandra to play Uma Thurman is Desi ‘Kill Bill’

Neetu Chandra to play Uma Thurman in desi 'kill bill'

Neetu Chandra is ready to strike back on screen, this time in a desi avatar of Uma Thurman’s role in ‘Kill Bill’.

Neetu, a certified black belt holder in martial arts, will perform all stunts in the movie herself. She feels it’s time Bollywood gets its very own female action star.

“Not like some actresses who did a few flips and somersaults and had everyone going wah-wah over their derring-do… Neetu will actually be performing all the stunts that are associated with the action genre,” said Jain who is directing and is working out the nitty-gritties of the series.

“With due respect to my female colleagues like Deepika Padukone in ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ or Priyanka Chopra in ‘Don’, who have thrashed around their limbs in so-called action scenes, I don’t think we’ve had a genuine female action star since (late) Fearless Nadia,” said Neetu.

“I feel we’re ready for some female action. I’ve trained in the martial arts for 11 years. So far none of my roles has been action-oriented. Of late I had begun to get very restless. There’s a lot of pent-up energy within me,” she added.

So the 27-year-old is ready to take on the action genre, but will this be a hit or flop?

photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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