18 Feb

Manish Malhotra’s Collection “Gulaala Aur Giltoor” at WLFW 2012

Manish Malhotra’s collection  titled “Gulaala and Giltoor”, consisted of Indian evening wear with intricate Kashmir embroidery and other thread work used on it. It featured colours of “The Giltoor” like ivories, creams, off-whites and “The Gulaala” like burnt orange, red, deep pink, rust and brick hues.this collection is an attempt to bring forth the beauty of the Kashmiri embroidery and calls it a tribute to his craftsmen back in Kashmir.

“I feel of late Kashmiri embroidery was more seen in carpet shops or shawls. I wanted to get it in high-end Indian wear and bring it into fashion and so far the response has been really good,” he said.Malhotra showcased both men’s wear and women’s collection. While women’s wear was dominated by Anarkali suits, gowns, saris and lehengas, men’s wear line had sherwanis, bandgala suits. The fabrics used were jutes, silks, nets, chiffon laces and crochet. The show was sponsored by Blenders Pride.

We loved the models side hair do’s and nude shoes, delicate makeups which helped in not distracting the designs. Our favourite although we admit that it was difficult to choose one, but it was the light blue and pink ensemble [ photo 2]

See the gallery and pick your favourite….you will find it difficult to select one outfit that you love


Photo Credit: WLFW AW 2012

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3 Responses to Manish Malhotra’s Collection “Gulaala Aur Giltoor” at WLFW 2012

  1. harleensethi says:

    Excellent Designing with perfect fabric’s….

  2. Tahera Shaikh says:

    Very nice Faison designer in India…………..

  3. Manish really you are great designer but exclusively for celebrities and no recognition for masses.I adore you but ask you could Prem Chand a great writer would have been recognised by masses writing for Kings & Emperors only. Plz use your esteemed creativity for masses. Would Raj become famous if he had not taken theme of masses like Awara, Shree 420, Aag, the great movie of all time Jagte Raho. do not intend to hurt you.

    with high regard,

    Sincerely yours
    V K Kapoor

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