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01 Dec

Angela Jonsson Cover Girl for Maxim India

Angela Jonsson model and Kingfisher girl promotes Maxim India with her as cover girl. Looking good in black French Connection dress Angela hit the headlines when she was seen out and about with Ranbir Kapoor

Responding to this gossip at the time Angela says, “I have always refrained from commenting on my personal life so far but the news reports that have been doing the rounds have caused immense and unnecessary stress to my family and to me. Therefore I need to set the record straight once and for all. Yes, Ranbir and I have dated. We have gone out to dinner like two normal adults in the city.  As any gentleman would and should, he asked me out for the record. Since winning the Kingfisher Calendar Hunt, my modeling career has done better than I ever expected. None of the successes can be attributed to anyone other than to my hard work and that of my agents”

Yes Angela we got the message straight. Don’t miss out seeing more photos of this leggy beauty.


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