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21 Nov

Vidya Balaan at the Races promoting The Dirty Picture.

Ooh La La Vidya Balaan trots off to the races to promote her forthcoming film The Dirty Picture. When I think of the races I am thinking of style and glamour and felt a bit disappointed when I saw Vidya dressed in black polka dot tunic and black pants, super sized sunglasses and a handbag with pictures of bollywood celebs all over it. I am not sure how that matched her outfit.

The film does have a major horse-racing scene and what better way to integrate the film’s marketing with an actual horse-racing event. It wasn’t only the horses that were on show as it was followed by Sabah Khan show for Gitanjali where leggy models paraded around. Well lets hope Vidya Balaan gallops to success with The Dirty Picture.

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